Barbara Lazaroff: Behind the design of Eureka Restaurant & Brewery

Barbara Lazaroff Restaurant Design
The design of Eureka

Barbara Lazaroff at the bar she designed for EurekaLazaroff’s acclaimed design for the former Eureka Restaurant & Brewery in West Los Angeles which opened in 1990, achieved a whimsical play on the industrial look with a combination of various bolts, rivets and metallic surfaces throughout the restaurant.

These elements were echoed in the dramatic hand-hewn copper entry doors, seating area, creative lighting, and the exposed kitchen and charcuterie.

Her concept for a fanciful 20-foot long computerized kinetic wall sculpture was a folk-art relief map of Los Angeles landmarks, faces and icons, with the Eureka Brewery and bottling line as its focal point.

Barbara Lazaroff’s design of Eureka was the cover story for Designers West Magazine in 1990. An excerpt of that magazine feature:

The whimsical play of bolts, rivets, and gears for the recently completed brewery and eatery results in a design eloquence whose leitmotif is oversized gears. But to laugh would be to miss the point of the pewter-and-copper mix — to help sell the homage sausages, cheeses, and breads, all made on site by her star chef husband Wolfgang Puck. And sell it does…

A look into the highly acclaimed Eureka restaurant’s design.


Scenes from the construction of Eureka