Decades of Seders to feed the hungry

35 years — so far — of feeding the hungry

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On Saturday, April 20, 2019, Barbara Lazaroff hosted Spago’s 35th Annual Seder benefiting Mazon, A Jewish Response To Hunger

Barbara’s Seders always take place on the Second night of Passover.

Guests of all faiths, dine and participate in a traditional Jewish Passover Seder with a gourmet twist.

Proceeds have always benefited MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger — a national nonprofit dedicated to ending hunger among all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

I feel if you open your traditions and celebrations to all, no matter your religion, background or customs, it fosters tolerance, greater harmony and closer understanding among all people.” ~Barbara Lazaroff

Barbara’s 35th Annual Passover Seder in 2019

Slideshow: The 35th Annual Passover Seder Dinner hosted by Barbara Lazaroff. Officiated by Rabbi Rachlis and Cantor Braier. Featuring the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

Barbara’s 33rd Annual Passover Seder in 2017

Photos of Barbara Lazaroff's 2017 Seder at Spago which raises funds for Mazon, food to feed the hungry

Spago’s 31st Annual Seder — 2015

For the 31st time, Barbara hosted a second night Seder at Spago— to the largest group ever! Over 200 guests!

Montage of photos from Barbara Lazaroff's 2015 Seder benefitting Mazon

Spago’s Seder — 2013

Courtesy of guest Orly Halevy, here is the chorus’s performance during the evening.

Spago’s Seder — 2011

Slideshow: The 27th Annual Passover Seder Dinner hosted by Barbara Lazaroff, held at Spago Beverly Hills.