The design of Barbara’s home

Barbara Lazaroff Interior Design for Homes
Barbara’s home and garden

Barbara Lazaroff is mostly known for her unique and varied restaurant designs, but she did her own home’s interior design as well. Of course, her home has evolved and changed over the years. Once upon a time, her yard housed Llamas, yes Llamas! It has also been home to various other animals. There has long been a pool and jacuzzi comprised of her own tile design. Outside, her garden has always been a place of calm and beauty. Inside, she has the usual rooms you might have or wish for, in her own unique design style of course. [Several of these rooms/elements are thanks to Photographer Martin Cohen.]


Here’s a quick look at the country-style kitchen Barbara designed when she and Wolfgang first moved into this home with their young boys. Below these, you can see how it looks today.


In 2012 (after 15 years dressed in Barbara Lazaroff’s well-received elegant design) the fabulous elements such as the three Lowell Hererro original paintings of the Italian countryside, the other great art, the magnificent art glass wall of the exhibition kitchen, the elegant etched glass,  the Flame of Life wall sconce, the Main Dining Room skylights, and the Private Dining Room chandeliers were removed from Spago.
Today, after two years of planning and a redesign that included moving a wall to expand the room, these works of art adorn Barbara’s home kitchen. Perhaps you can recognize them from the Design of Spago Beverly Hills page here (and captions will help you identify them).