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Barbara Lazaroff's Photo Albums

A lot happens in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Many of those events have been at Spago, the very Spago that Barbara created. Other events such as the Oscars happen at other WPC locations. Barbara invites you to visit some of these events here in these photo albums. Just click on any album and enjoy some of her favorite photos. And, of course, you're always welcome to attend an event in person. Most are in support of great causes.

Some classic photos...

Some of Barbara's
Friends & Folks

Here's Barbara with some good friends and professional friends, at parties held at Spago or other PW venues, at professional events, and at private events. You might recognize a few.

Cal Spiril 2012

More of
Barbara Lazaroff & Friends

Barbara's been part of the LA and Beverly Hills scenes ever since she spearheaded the Spago/Super Chef concept. Here's some of the people she's met, worked with, known.

Barbara Lazaroff and a friend

The design and building of
Chinois On Main

Looking at this busy, beautiful and unique restaurant, you might be surprised to see what the building looked like when Barbara first laid eyes on it.

Chinois On Main

And now, a timeline...

2016 Women Chefs & Restauranteurs Conference

Barbara was one of the original founders of WCR. The 2016 confere.nce was held in Los Angeles for only the 2nd time.

Seder 2011

2014 Restaurant Design Awards
at Dwell On Design

Barbara again presented these awards. The presentation featured the finalists and judges in conversation.

Seder 2011

2013 Seder at Spago
benefitting Mazon

The 30th annual Seder at Spago Beverly Hills supporting Mazon's fight against hunger sold out as usual. 250 guests enjoyed this gourmet seder created by the excellent Spago staff, enriching their own lives and others.

Seder 2013

Cal Spirit 2013
for American Cancer Society

Founded by Barbara Lazaroff & Wolfgang Puck founded 30 years ago, this became the largest fund-raiser for LA's Meals on Wheels program. This 2013 event was co-hosted by Barbara & Sherry Lansing.

Cal Spiril 2013

LAJH Luncheon at Spago 2013
Hats off to Barbara

The Jewish Home brings choices to seniors living in-residence for lives of beauty, joy and community. This Arts Scene luncheon is Spago's private dining room helped support its service.

LA Jewish Home Arts Scene Luncheop 2013

2013 Chinese New Year at Chinois
Year of the ssSerpent

Guests enjoyed a six-course menu of ssSlithering sashimi, coconut ssseafood sssoup and sso-on. All to Chef Rene Mata's usual perfection. All in the spirit of the Chinese New Year fun.

Seder 2011

2012 Seder at Spago
benefitting Mazon

In 2012 Barbara Lazaroff hosted her 29th annual gourmet seder at Spago Beverly Hills. The food was, of course, unparalleled, as it was created by the excellent Spago staff.

Seder 2012

Cal Spirit 2012
for American Cancer Society

Barbara Lazaroff & Wolfgang Puck founded this annual event. Barbara & Sherry Lansing co-hosted gourmet food by renowned chefs, premium California wine, live music, auctions.

Cal Spiril 2012

2011 Royals Hat Party
at Spago Beverly Hills

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married, Spago Beverly Hills hosted some rather nice hats as well.

royal hats party

2011 Seder at Spago
benefitting Mazon

The 28th annual gourmet seder at Spago Beverly Hills — an evening of cultural sharing — again helped feed others through Mazon.

Seder 2011

2010 Evening On The Beach
for Meals on Wheels

This ultimate “toes in the sand” food & wine experience benefitted St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels as guests dined & danced by the fire.

royal hats party

Cal Spirit 2009
for American Cancer Society

Cal Spirit XXV was the 25th annual Cal Spirit Event. Great food by renowned chefs, premium California wine, live music, auctions.

fun outfits

Dressing for the Occasion
and for Good Causes

Life is more fun when you can dress up, or just goof around and get silly, isn't it? Barbara Lazaroff dresses up for some great reasons.

fun outfits



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