Barbara Lazaroff Restaurant Design

The design of the Wolfgang Puck Cafes

In 1993 Lazaroff developed the original prototype design for the Wolfgang Puck Cafés.

The cafés, expresses and home meal replacement venues are often visually resculpted, to accommodate specific locations, while still retaining their whimsical and highly recognizable signature statement.

The Café design showcases the company's logo with Lazaroff's custom "pizza chairs," triangular shaped fused glass sconces and elaborate, vibrantly colorful geometric mosaics on floor and wall surfaces. There were eighteen cafés, including Grand Cafés. In 1997, Ms. Lazaroff completed the 18,000 square foot Wolfgang Puck Grand Café at Disney World, Orlando. The other two Grand Cafés were The Block at Orange and Sawgrass Mills.

In January of 2005 the Café concept was discontinued, resulting in the sale of various café locations and closure of the remaining locations. This business plan allowed the company’s resources to provide greater focus on the new expansion plans for the “express” units, which were originally launched in 1991. This chain of fast-casual restaurants is now called Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express. This expansion now offers more than 80 locations in major urban and suburban retail centers, airports and supermarkets throughout the United States, Canada and Japan.



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