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The design of a Greystone rooms

The 46,000 square foot Greystone Mansion was originally constructed in 1928 for the Doheny family of Los Angeles. Today it is owned by the City of Beverly Hills, and is recognized as a historic landmark.

In an effort to restore this English Gothic Revival manor home, Los Angeles members of the American Society of Interior Designer (ASID) participate in an annual Garden & Design Showcase in which each designer transforms a room according to a theme. In 2006, Barbara’s breathtaking design of an upstairs bedroom, the closet and the adjoining bathroom was designed for her imaginary daughter Allegra. (In real life she has two boys.) Aside from an elaborate design, her donation included the permanent rehabilitation of original period light fixtures, wall coverings throughout the space.

In Barbara’s own words…

"Allegra’s Allegory is my aspirational fairytale room for my imaginary daughter. I have transformed the children’s playroom, terrace and bath at the historic Greystone Mansion into a fanciful notion of a young girl’s magical paradise. The bedroom is resplendent with a grand-sized storybook bed, a sky alight with unusual butterflies and flowers, complementing the embroidered butterfly fabric based on a 150 year-old Chinese textile.

I respected the history of the mansion by refurbishing the room with new marble and a mantel that I feel was in keeping with the period of the home. I have tried to replace hardware and best improve upon other elements that were damaged or missing.

I felt that if the Dohenys had a daughter, the room would certainly have befitted a princess. Many of these antiques, such as the Mary Pickford desk, might have been handed down and Allegra would be the lucky beneficiary. I have added some wonderful new artists into the mix, with a delicious color scheme inspired by the property’s garden, and expanded that vision of color and frivolity onto the terrace. I stayed true to the underwater bath theme with an aquarium and sea artifacts. Further inspiration for Allegra’s room evolved from my desire to create a showcase for my 25 year global collection of little girl couture.

I believe children’s hearts and minds are stimulated to love, think and create more fully when their lives are surrounded by art. Enjoy this journey into “Allegra in Wonderland”… I hope it will bring some joy and whimsy into your day – it did into mine just thinking of my imaginary daughter ensconced in her very own private dream world."

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