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The design of Granita

Barbara Lazaroff in the doorway of her restaurant, GraniaGranita in Malibu is a unique and elegant restaurant with interiors inspired by the Mediterranean and other regions of the world.

Lazaroff’s design is a fusion of various contemporary and classical components, interpreted into a highly defined, personal statement.

A talented group of 120 of the finest American craftspeople including ceramic artists, hand‑blown glass formulators, stone masons, glass etchers, metal craftsmen, wood workers, fabric painters and fine artists were gathered to realize the unique elements that comprise Granita's visual signature.

In 1991, Granita was selected as the cover study for Restaurant/Hotel Design magazine (below) and has received numerous international design awards.


The Restaurant/Hotel Design magazine cover feature

Restaurant/Hotel Design International: The Magazine for the Hospitality Design Team
Granita: Water Music - A lyrical new restaurant celebrates the sea in light, form, and detail

by M.J. Madigan
6 pages
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Requiem for Granita

Juliette Rossant, author of the SuperChefBlog wrote a beautiful piece when it was announced that Granita would close. She called it Requiem for Granita and you ca still read it here on the SuperChefBlog.

It's well worth visiting Juliette's site and reading the Requiem in its entirety but for a sampling, In it she wrote:
No write-up today, however, captures the big splash Granita made when it opened.

This was Barbara Lazaroff's most elaborate restaurant endeavor, at once putting Granita on the map and pushing the Wolfgang Puck reputation up another notch, albeit setting it back on cash-in-hand. Still, it made "The LA List" in Wine Spectator: Harvey Steiman noted Barbara Lazaroff's "exuberant design for Granita." That was 1995: a decade later, the Food Network was still talking about its "Mediterranean colors and flavors." Gayot still calls Granita "Wolfgang Puck’s Spago-by-the-Sea" and again there is mention of Barbara's "exuberant undersea design," which together with Jennifer Naylor's Mediterranean cuisine makes for great fun.


The second reason that Granita is important is because it symbolizes the importance of Barbara Lazaroff to the Puck-Lazaroff empire. Barbara has her detractors (as does Granita), but it would behoove men and women in the business to appreciate Barbara's impact — the importance of a great partner, of a team — on the building of any business empire:
Like any of the great talent managers of Hollywood, fundamentally it has been Barbara all along who has understood Wolfgang best and who has helped to make him the phenomenon he is today. Whereas the humble village boy might have hesitated and cautiously undersold himself, Barbara constantly oversold him, confident that Wolf would always live up to her billing. And he did. (Super Chef, p. 46)*

*Super Chef is Juliette's book: Super Chef: The Making of the Great Modern Restaurant Empires (Hardcover)

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