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RenWomen bookRenWomen: What Modern Renaissance Women Have to Teach Us About Living Rich Fulfilling Lives

Co-authored by twin sister and brother: Dale Griffiths Stamos and W. Scott Griffiths

RenWomen is an exploration of some remarkable multi-talented, multi-faceted women working at the height of their abilities. Their lives and unique insights can inspire and guide women in how to reach higher and delve deeper in their own lives.

One reviewer on Amazon called this an "Important book." All reviewers rated it well and said things like "fountain of information" and "wonderful resource."

Barbara is one of the 16 women profiled in the book, sharing her insights with readers.

Full of personal interviews, the women we profile are:

  • Barbara Lazaroff (restaurateur, designer, writer, philanthropist, speaker)
  • Frances Hesselbein (former CEO of Girl Scouts of America; founder of Leadership Institute, author, editor, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient)
  • Lorie Karnath (explorer, scientist, author and philanthropist)
  • Eva Haller (philanthropist, activist, executive and board member of multiple non-profits, Magnusson Fellow)
  • Margaret Wertheim (trained mathematician/physicist, science writer, speaker, co-founder of Institute of Figuring)
  • Christine Wertheim (artist, poet, professor, co-founder Institute of Figuring)
  • Lydia Kennard (urban planner, lawyer, former Executive Director of Los Angeles World Airports, founder and CEO of KDG Construction Consulting, board member of multiple companies)
  • Dale Franzen (former dancer and opera singer; teacher, founder & Director of the Broad Stage) and her daughter, Alexandra Franzen (online entrepreneur, author, coach, ghost writer)
  • Marinela Gombosev (engineer, business and marketing expert, manager)
  • Lita Singer, Ph.D. (psychologist, professor, author, musician, fine art photographer)
  • Kathy Eldon (journalist, film and TV producer, author, founder and director of Creative Visions Foundation)
  • Jeanne Meyers, Rita Stern Milch, and Karen Pritzker (co-founders of The My Hero Project, and multi-talented in the arts and philanthropy)
  • Hélène Cardona (actress, poet, tri-lingual translator, magazine editor, dream analyst).

Also included is a chapter on the Icons: famous RenWomen such as Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Maya Angelou, Jane Fonda, and Arianna Huffington.

Pictured here: Barbara Lazaroff with Dale Griffiths Stamos who is one of the book's authors. Barbara with Eva Hallar, who is also profiled in the book. Both photos were taken as the women socialized at Barbara's.
RenWomen together

You can learn more about RenWomen at RenWomen.com.

Wishes for a Mother's Heart


Barbara's Book:
Wishes for a Mother's Heart

cover of Barbara Lazaroff's book, Wishes for a Mother's HeartThis inspirational yet practical paperback was co-written with friend and author Tricia LaVoice, foreword by Leeza Gibbons.

“A heartwarming book of inspirational 'Wishes,' intuitive and experiential wisdom, and pragmatic actions; for creating, maintaining, and expanding the connections with all the women in your life.

A lasting gift of love that can be enjoyed for years to come by ALL the women in your life; moms, daughters, sisters, mentors, your children's teachers….”

For more about this book,
visit WishesForTheHeart.com.

If you would like to share a wish,
please go to our Facebook page,
Like it, then post your wish.





Wishes for a Mother's Heart is the brainchild of my friend Patricia LaVoice; a brilliant concept that was initially born out of love and profound friendship.

During one of the most trying periods of my life; having recently lost a dear friend, enduring the disappointment of divorce, living with everyday pressures of my businesses, as well as trying to be a good mother, daughter, and friend, Tricia conceived a unique and enduring gift of love. She had decided to write me a beautiful wish of support and inspiration every evening for the month of September. She offered, “I will be your sounding board; I will not only be the best listener in the world, I will ‘wish’ you something every night.” As the weeks progressed, I found myself wondering what that evening’s wish would bring.

At the end of the month, I received a stunning bound book with all of the month’s wishes. I told Tricia that I thought this idea would make an extraordinarily beautiful book if published one day. She, however, felt September Wishes was born out of deep friendship and should remain private.

Soon after, our dear friend Leeza Gibbons was experiencing some personal difficulties of her own and Tricia started writing loving and comforting words to her as well. Leeza came to feel as I did, that Tricia's poetic insights and intuition needed to be shared with the world. It was then that Tricia began to write universal wishes that, although so many people can relate to them, they retain a touchingly intimate voice — as though she is speaking only to the reader. Leeza shared her perspective in the foreword of the book.

I am honored to add my life experiences and personal viewpoint, and am pleased to share a work of inspiration created from a place of friendship, trust and sisterhood.

~ Barbara Lazaroff

About the authors of Wishes For The Heart 

About us, excerpted from Wishes For The Heart:

Tricia LaVoice ~ Wishmaker

"I write Wishes for those I love and to share with you. My friends, Leeza Gibbons and Barbara Lazaroff add their beautiful insights turning each Wish into a passage of wisdom. … As we began our voyage forward to release our book we ourselves have traveled through our own learning process both individually and together. It felt as though the universe would not grant us the privilege to share with you our inspirations and thoughts until we were fully committed to bringing more love and peace into our own lives. Three friends learning how to accept losses, let go of anger and fears, slow down and try to love without condition or judgment. Of course this is an ongoing process but we are committed to working at it each day and it is our hopes that you will join us."
    ~Tricia LaVoice ~ Wishmaker

Barbara Lazaroff ~ Wishimagineer

“None of us are licensed therapists, nor are our lives "perfect" whatever that would look like. We are three friends, all mothers, married, some divorced, having experienced losses, loves, successes, failures and change. We are going to all give the best we can to enhance, inspire and hopefully positively affect people to change, grow, hang in there and even LAUGH.”
    ~Barbara Lazaroff, Wishimagineer


Barbara Lazaroff's design work has been written about in the following books, amongst others:

  • Restaurants That Work: Case Studies of the Best in the Industry by Martin E. Dorf
  • The Restaurant: From Concept to Operation by John R. Walker
  • Let Us Eat Cake: Adventures in Food and Friendship by Sharon Boorstin
    Regan Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2009 by Julie Neal
    also called Complete Walt Disney World or Complete Guide to Walt Disney World
  • California Interiors by Jill Cole
    PBC International, Inc.
  • Empowered Spaces – Architects & Designers at Home and at Work by Carol Soucek King, Ph.D.
    Architecture & Interior Design Library, an Imprint of PBC International, Inc.
  • Havens II Celebrity Lifestyles by Michael McCreary
    General Publishing Group
  • How They Met by Nancy Cobb
    Turtle Bay Books a division of Random House
  • Recipes for Success From Leading Women and Premiere Chefs
    Patriots’ Trail Girl Scout Council, Inc.


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